Cards for Change

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It’s all well and good encouraging people to ‘think behaviourally’ about education and training of health professionals but how easy is it for people to begin to do that? In our work with educators and trainers around the world, we noticed that people were keen to use behaviour change techniques in their training but that it was difficult to learn about BCTs and even harder to think about what activities might include them. Building on a study in which we had developed a way to ‘live code’ training to identify BCTs, we gathered together a group of talented educators and health psychologists for a workshop.

Taking each of the BCTs which could or have appeared in training, we asked them to think about activities that could be added to training to include each BCT. Funded by the knowledge exchange part of our Health Education England grant (Teams Together), we employed talented designed, Barry Kinder, and together we created the Cards for Change, printed by Chapel Press. We have come to the end of our current stock and are currently exploring options for printing more.

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