Commonwealth partnerships for antimicrobial stewardship

Commonwealth Partnerships for Antimicrobial Stewardship

The UK Department of Health and Social Care’s Fleming Fund has funded 12 partnerships between UK health organisations and organisations in Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania and Ghana.

The partnership scheme, jointly run by Tropical Health and Education Trust and the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association, aims to mobilise health, education and policy professionals to create partnerships for antimicrobial stewardship. We were asked to provide support to the partners and over the next 18 months, 8 Change Exchange volunteers will work with 4 of the partnerships directly.

Today, Jo and Lucie are attending the inception workshop and tomorrow will lead a session for all partnerships on behaviour change within health partnerships. The training will focus on ‘thinking behaviourally’, including learning about how to make training more behaviourally focused. We will be using our guide, recently created with Eleanor Bull and Wendy Maltinsky, Health Psychologists who have volunteered with The Change Exchange and our Cards for Change.

The experience in the room, from the 12 partnerships, is awe inspiring and we and our volunteers will be learning a great deal about how behavioural science fits with health partnership work for antimicrobial stewardship. An exciting time ahead.

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