As experts in the psychology of change, we can help you make your interventions more likely to lead to change.

A focus on behavioural and health care

Most CPD, and other forms of health professional training, aim to change the practice of people attending.  Sometimes this is following new clinical guidelines, implementing new local practices, changing the way a service is delivered.. the list is endless.

Despite the aim being behaviour change, our courses are mostly not designed to change behaviour, nor are they evaluated using behavioural theories.

We measure behaviour, proxies for behaviour (intention and expectation) and, crucially, we measure the scientifically proven influences on behaviour – those things that make behaviour more or less likely after interventions.  By measuring these before and after training, or other intervention, we can support quality improvement, educational and training development, and other interventions to improve health care.

What we can do

Evaluation | Training | Analytics
  • Using our scientific methods, we can evaluate whether your training is likely to lead to practice change by understanding the psychology of the workforce.
  • We can provide training for your own trainers in how to understand the impact of their education on the psychology and ultimately the practice of the trainees.
  • We can tailor our services to your needs and your budget providing a range of bespoke services from full consultancy to licensing for you to use our assessment methods.
  • We offer workshops for education commissioners, education and training departments, education organisations, CPD providers, educators and healthcare professionals including:
  • We offer training in how to make education behaviourally focused, taking a behavioural approach
  • We offer consultancy in understanding how change does and doesn’t happen, measuring change and the drivers of change and advising on techniques to enhance the likelihood of change.
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